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Writer's Museum: Lady Stairs Close Lawnmarket

Dedicated to Robert Burns, Robert Louis Stevenson and Walter Scott, this museum contains portraits, manuscripts and personal exhibits connected to all three historic writers.The house itself is worth a visit.


Museum of Childhood: 42 High Street

Opened in 1955 this was the first museum in the world to specialise in the history of childhood. There are toys and games of all types. Find out how children were brought up in the past.


Old Town Trinity Church-2010a

Trinity Apse Chalmers Close Royal Mile

A mediaeval church that once stood on the site of Waverly Station. It was rebuilt in Chalmers Close albeit in a smaller version as many stones stored on Calton Hill were stolen. Until 2010 it housed the Brass Rubbing Centre but now it is looking for a new purpose.


Museum of Edinburgh: 142 Canongate

Contains collections relating to Edinburgh from prehistoric times to today. See the real Greyfriar's Bobby collar and feeding bowl, also the 1638 National Covenant. There are glass and silver collections as well as displays relating to real historic events. Don't attempt to take photos without permission!


Old Town Huntly House-2012 (1)a
Old Town Museum New-2006a

Royal Museum: Chambers Street

This houses international collections of decorative arts, science and industry, archaeology and the natural world. A large museum in a Victorian building with an extension from the 1990s. Also great views from the roof terrace. Well worth a visit.