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Haunted Edinburgh 1

Old Town St Marys Street-2005a

In 1916 a young woman was brutally murdered in a random attack after someone jumped out a doorway at her. The woman is still seen at times standing in St Mary's street with blood splattered clothes, looking totally bewildered.

Old Town White Hart Inn-2012a

This ancient Grassmarket Inn is reputed to be the most haunted pub not just in Edinburgh but in the whole of Scotland. Public executions used to take place nearby. Sightings of a shadow going to the cellar have been witnessed and a door down there has been seen to slam shut on occasions. Barrels have been moved and beer taps closed off and when the staff open them and go to pour a pint they find they are switched off again. These incidents and many more have been reported by staff and owners over many many years.

Old Town Queensberry House-2010 (1)a

One night in 1707 the Queenberry family left a kitchen boy alone in the house tending to a roast in the kitchen. The insane Earl of Drumlanrig was also in the house but was locked away in his room out of sight. Unfortunately he managed to get out and made his way to the kitchen where he killed the boy and roasted him alive on the spit. His ghost is said to haunt the house, now part of the Scottish Parliament.