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I have some videos that I made in the early 1990s that show various things of interest re Edinburgh.

This first one shows 6 buildings I visited back in 1993 on Doors Open Day - a day when buildings which are not normally open to the public invite visitors in for a look. Doors Open Day takes place on the last weekend in September.

The rarest one in the video is the old reservoir by the Castle which nowadays is a weaving centre. In 1993 it had just been drained and was waiting a new use.

Not sure what happened to the sound but it's not really needed.

Now the Radisson SAS on the Royal Mile it was called the Scandic Crown hotel in December 1992 when it caught fire one saturday night. No one was injured but the hotel suffered extensive damage. I lived across the road at the time.

The top of Waverly Steps on Princes Street was one of Edinburgh's windiest places. It is now partly covered and has escalators.I filmed people being blown about in February 1992.

Until about 2000 there was a small ferry across the mouth of the river Almond at Cramond. It took you onto the Dalmeny estate and was a great day out. There has been talk of a chain ferry or bridge but so far nothing has happened - very sad as there has been a ferry here since the mid 1800s

Here are 2 videos by Edinburgh Libraries showing some old photos of the city and discussing the photographers